A New Hobby

Over the Christmas holidays and during Rae’s surgery and recovery, I picked up a new hobby. I know I didn’t need another one, but I wanted something I could easily take with me to places while I wait.  I enjoy other things such as sewing, cooking, zentangling, adult coloring books, and working on my photography.  I have wanted to learn how to crochet, and I have dabbled in knitting.  I was never very successful, but I have made several wash clothes and one knitted scarf. During my hubby’s sabbatical a couple of years ago I tried crocheting again, but I learned it is hard for me to just read a pattern and understand. Hannah tried to show me, but she is right handed and I’m left handed.  Thanks to Pinterest and Google I found videos for left handed crochet – It has been life-changing (and very helpful)! Ravelry.com has also been fun to see all the patterns.

The reason I turned to crocheting was because of Rae.  Her head has to be partially shaved because of her surgery, and I wanted to  make her some hats and headbands.  I thought it would be fun, and more personalized for her.  I found patterns that would be cute, fun, and easy to make.  I had no idea that there were S hooks – it’s a very large hook that allows the work to go fast.  I found the best pattern that only takes about an hour make.  I cannot tell you how many I have made in the last few weeks. You can see many of my projects on my Instagram feed.  Needless to say, we probably don’t need anymore for a while.  I am now trying different things – flowers, bows, and scarves.  Maybe one day I will try a blanket. Right now, I am just trying not to buy all the yarn.  Big sales at the craft store is not making it easy.

one of my first hats

crochet flowers