Bakery Noelle

Emily has been following in my steps of baking.  She is becoming a very good baker. She and her friend had started a small cupcake company a couple of years ago and did very well for young tweens.  I love that I can turn her loose in the kitchen and she will come out with delicious goodies and a messy kitchen. She is great at following recipes and loves finding new things to try.

Last year she started making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and selling them at the farmer’s market with me.  She was making her own spending money.  These same cookies also helped pay for her steel drum trip to Virginia Beach. This summer she decided she wanted to keep making the cookies and to keep selling them.

While we were on sabbatical she decided she wanted to branch out and start making different types of oatmeal cookies. In addition to this, she wanted her own spot at the market.  We talked to the market master, and she now fills a spot where someone doesn’t come.

All of this leads to a little craziness in the kitchen on Thursday and Fridays. After all the baking is done on Friday’s, my kitchen is covering in cinnamon roll icing and oatmeal.

I am proud of her for wanting to earn her own money. She is learning to save some it too.  Her big thing she is saving for now is the GHS band trip to the Peach Bowl.  If you would like to try her cookies, come find her at the market on Saturdays.  She always has her Chocolate Chip Oatmeal and Simply Oatmeal.  Other flavors she has sometimes are Oatmeal Deluxe (cranberries, pecans, and yogurt) and she is figuring out her oatmeal raisin recipe.

Come see Bakery Noelle.

if you want some cookies - look for the polka-dot tablecloth

if you want some cookies – look for the polka-dot tablecloth