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This past summer I was able to connect with the Rebecca Keliher the founder of HEDUA at the Virginia homeschool convention. My girls used their planners, and they are designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. I also started using their wall calendar and the family planner this year. I really enjoying using their items and they are laid out perfectly for homeschoolers.

Rebecca and I started talking about blogging, adoption, and our family’s ministry. She was very interested what our family does and asked me to send the links to our ministry.  She forwarded my info to her blog people, and they asked me to write an article on how to help teens have a quiet time.  I was very excited to write for them, and with the help with my hubby to edit my article – we sent it off.  I was not sure when it would be posted.

Yesterday, I received notification from twitter that it had been posted here. I was excited to have my first article in a more public forum. It has been viewed many times, and I do hope it is an encouragement to parents and teens.

Our New Ministry

Here is what we have been up to –

My husband and I have started a new ministry called AbideWithHim. It is free service that helps people have a comprehensive devotion time each morning. You receive an email early each day that takes you through the six parts of an effective quiet time, and then in the afternoon you receive a follow-up email to help you keep your focus. There is a two-minute animated video at that explains it all.

You may have seen our ministry in an article in the Newark Advocate. It is growing daily with subscribers all over the United States and multiple countries. As you may have seen in the newspaper, our eldest daughter Hannah is coming along side of us and starting AbideWithHim Teen. She is very excited about reaching out to teens and teaching them to have an effective quiet time. It is the same format as the adult, but with Hannah writing questions geared toward teens and the daily video is featuring her. Sign-ups are now open for teens and adults through this week. Check out our website to subscribe. Parents if you are interested in the version for adults, info is available at

How can you help us?

  • PRAY. The devil does not like what we are doing, and  just pray we stay focused on His task.
  • SUBSCRIBE. We are seeing great things thru this ministry. Join us.
  • TELL OTHERS. Do you know a new christian? This is a great way for them to get started in their walk with God.

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