New Beginnings

This morning my heart left for Texas.  We started the first part of our transition to Nacogdoches.  We had a wonderful last service with our church family this past Sunday at FBC Heath celebrating a man who has loved God’s church and his people.  It took a long time to get through all the cards and gifts we received.  It was a great day worshipping our Lord as one united fellowship.  Sundays will not be the same without him, since we are staying behind.  The girls and I get to be just church members for a little while.  You will not find us on the front row.

Our family is not a fan of being apart.  This transition will not be easy. We will miss each other terribly.  My hubby is my best  friend and gives the best gifts.  To help me get through this time a part – he gave me a “happy box”.  The box included mani/pedis, mini-shopping trips, massages, maid service, and CHOCOLATE! It may not be enough chocolate though.  It will allow me a little time for myself, and I will think of him and how much he loves me.  Thank the Lord for FaceTime!



Also, our house is still for sale.


Everything Changes

Ohio is what our kids know and remember. We moved here almost 12 years ago. Hannah was entering first grade and Emily was still a preschooler when we came to Ohio.  Hannah remembers some of her life in Alabama, but Emily not as much.  Hubby and I have now spent over half our married life in Ohio.  In ministry life being at a church for 12 years is a long time.  Not many last as long as we have at one church.  God has blessed us more than we deserve.

In the past 12 years many things have happened. We have gone through some tough times. The good outweighs the bad by far. We have gotten to travel to places we never thought we would have been able to see. We added a third girl to our family 5 years ago. All three of our girls we baptized here at our church in Ohio. We have truly enjoyed being apart of a welcoming church, community, and homeschool family. All of these have been nothing but supportive.

Today is a bittersweet day.  Hubby will resign from our church. Our family will be moving to Nacogdoches, TX. We will not all move together. Hubby’s last day is March 5th.  He will move first. We will stay behind to finish out the school year.  We will put an exclamation on our 12 years here with Hannah’s graduation and Emily’s Sweet 16 party. This has not been an easy decision. Hubby and I have talked through so many scenarios and consumed a lot of chips and guacamole.  God has walked with us through this. He has clearly marked our steps. We are excited about what God has in store for our family. We will truly miss Ohio except for the bitter cold weather. I am wondering though – is there a Texas for Dummies book? Anyone need a nice 4bedroom 2 1/2 bath home with an awesome craft room?

10 Years

When you saw the title, you think – celebrating marriage or birthday? No. Ten years ago our family moved to Ohio.  It is kind of strange how I remember when we moved here, but it was the same time Hurricane Katrina was bearing down on the coast of Mississippi and Louisiana. We moved out of AL before the hurricane hit the coast.

the girls were so little when we moved here

10 years ago – the girls were so little when we moved here

Moving out of the South was a big change for us.  We had been married for 10 years and had 2 girls.  We had spent all of our lives in the South, but God chose to move us out of comfort zone.  While many may be scared of moving to a totally different area, we were not.  It was new adventure for us. The girls actually thought we were moving to Idaho or Iowa.  They had never really heard of Ohio till we came here.

We started talking with our church in the spring of that year, but we did not tell our girls because it would be hard for them to understand.  We had to be a little creative in how we told them, especially because they were getting to ride on an airplane for the first time to come to Ohio to visit with the church. They had never been part of a church move before.  In our last church move I was pregnant with Hannah.  They only knew Alabama and their friends there.

In the last 10 years we have been thru a many things – good and not so good.  Some of my favorites –

  • CFE – Finding this wonderful homeschool group has been the best thing. All of the parents and kids in the group mean a great deal to us and our girls. So many memories and experiences we have had and done.
  • Our church – They are a wonderful group of people who love us, pray for us, and miss us when we are away. It has been truly amazing to do life with the people of our church. We love you!
  • Blessings – I could write multiple posts on the blessings God has given our family, but God has really been so good to us more than we deserve.
  • Adoption – God chose to truly burden our hearts about after we moved here. It was truly one of the best blessings we have had outside giving birth to our two girls.
  • Travel – Living in almost the middle of the country, we can get to many fun locations easily.  We have been able to see some new and exciting areas we would not have been able to do if we didn’t follow God’s leadership to move here. If we didn’t drive to some of these locations, flying was often cheap and easy.

The past 10 years have been really great. We have often said that we could spend the rest of our lives here if God so chooses.  The downside of living here is that our girls have not been able to grow up around their grandparents and extended family.  That is one thing many ministers’ families have to deal with.  It comes with choosing to follow God’s leading and go where He wants you to go.

Our family has grown in so many ways over the past 10 years. We are looking forward to the next 10 or more years.

My Brain is Full

Do you have one of those days or weeks that if you put anymore info in your head, you think your brain will explode. That is me this week. We many things we are working thru and info to process and all this in addition to regular things we have to do. Too much stuff that makes me want to hide in my closet and not come out. One of the things I need to finish and think thru is school info. I need to finish closing out last year and get ready for the new year. We have to decide on co-ops, lessons, curriculum, and general things we want to cover. The older girls are a little easier to figure out, unlike the youngest. I have to take a different approach with her than I did with the others. That is just one thing running around in my head.

Another thing bouncing around in my head is possible starting a baking business. Emily and her friend have had one, but it has been more for fun and earning a little money.   Mine with the help of Emily will be to help ease a little more room in the family budget. So, I am hoping to be at the local farmer’s market to get my name out there. The family is definitely enjoying me trying different sweet roll recipes.

There are many other things that we are running around trying to think thru. I am just trying not to forget anything. Different things are in the works that we will be able to talk about more in the future.  With all this craziness, we are seeking God’s will in all we do. Having multiple things happening, we seek clarity of His will and vision. Our ultimate goal as a family is to always be in the middle of God’s will.

When your day gets like this, seek Him and just keep your eyes focused on Him.



Just Thinking…

It has been almost two years ago when we experienced one of the scariest days as a parents – seeing your daughter in a full blown seizure and there is nothing you can do. Our older girls have both had surgeries and were worried about those, but nothing prepared us for that morning. We were very worried, and all I could do was pray. We knew God was bigger than all of what were going thru. There was no one to be mad at. We could be mad at the Ch*nese orphanage or directors , but what good would that have been. They said they didn’t know either. There were many ifs, but we had to accept that this was what God had planned for us. He was going to get us thru this. 

I hate to think if we had known everything, and we had said no to her referral. God is sovereign and he has big plans for our daughter. His plan may even be to trust Him even more, well then – let it be. I would not trade this journey with our little girl for anything. She has brought such joy in our lives, and we love seeing her learn new things especially her love for things of God.

This morning as we were driving into Children’s Hospital this song was playing on the radio.  I’m reminded He is there and will always be.

Not For a Moment by Meredith Andrews

You were reaching through the storm 
Walking on the water 
Even when I could not see 
In the middle of it all 
When I thought You were a thousand miles away 
Not for a moment did You forsake me 
Not for a moment did You forsake me 

After all You are constant 
After all You are only good 
After all You are sovereign 
Not for a moment will You forsake me 
Not for a moment will You forsake me 

You were singing in the dark 
Whispering Your promise 
Even when I could not hear 
I was held in Your arms 
Carried for a thousand miles to show 
Not for a moment did You forsake me 

And every step every breath you are there 
Every tear every cry every prayer 
In my heart at my worst 
When my world falls down 
Not for a moment will You forsake me 
Even in the dark 
Even when it’s hard 
You will never leave me 
After all 

Not for a moment will You forsake me


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