Quick update!

WOW! It is almost Christmas. I been wanting to sit down and compose different blogs, but I just haven’t been able to compose a thought. I know some of you may want to know about our vacation. I thought I would give you a list form of update –

  • Disneyworld – fun, great weather, long days, little overwhelming for the little one, and everybody hands-up!
  • Beach – relaxing, too much food, and the girls loved snorkeling
  • Hannah turned 15 – birthday party fun and wow she starts driving in 6 months.
  • Homeschool Christmas Drama and District Honors Band – Canceled due to snow – Hannah was sad.
  • My birthday – Got the FLU! Great gifts from hubby and the girls.
  • Dave Koz and Friends – SURPRISE! great concert with great friends (B&R)
  • Pictures with Santa – another fun year with kids who liked Santa and those who didn’t
  • Children’s Choir – Rae had a solo and she did a wonderful job.
  • Gotcha Day Today! Hard to believe it has been two years.
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