CFE Class of 2017

I guess I am still in denial, but my oldest is a senior in high school now. I have almost successfully homeschooled her since she was in kindergarten. It has been quite a ride. We have been a part a wonderful homeschool community for over 10 years and yesterday we did a photoshoot with her “classmates”. Many she has known since they were wee ones.

The CFE class of 2017 will be the largest one in our homeschool group’s history. Because of this, we decided to do a group photoshoot.  We decided to have a little fun and have a theme – hipster Disney. The girls really enjoyed it with the guys playing along.  We had a wonderful time. It did prove a little hard to get a date – but we finally did it yesterday.  We were missing a couple of their friends, but we worked with who could be there. I had fun shooting these kids, and I let them take charge and do what they wanted.  I laughed so hard at them creating what they wanted. What a fun memory that I will share with my daughter and her friends. I will have editing these pictures. I am also thankful for all of them and the bond they share.


A huge thanks to Orchard House for allowing us run of your property for pictures.


Family Photography

Some of you may know that I have a small photography business on the side in addition to all my other things I do.  I love taking pictures to preserve family memories and capture kids and seniors during those seasons in their lives. I have shot weddings, parties, families, babies, and seniors.  A majority of work lately has been high school seniors.  I love doing senior photography, and bringing out their personality. It is such an exciting time in their life, and a little stressful for the parents.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to shoot a friend of mines children – all six of them ranging from less than a year to 15. It was such a fun time, and I even managed to bust my tail when I slid down a slide that was wet.  Us photographers will do almost anything to get the shot.

I had a great time with the kids. They were so funny, and I hope I captured them in their best and captured their personalities.  I did learn with these children to keep them interested is to just talk with them about what they like.  I got the best expressions of each one, and it was hard to narrow down the best.  Although when I look back thru the many pictures – my favorites are the funny outtakes. Each child had a different personality, and different need.


keeping it real. sometimes you have to take a bunch to get the best one. thank goodness for DSLR

Beauty in the Small Things

I love photography. I have loved it since I was in elementary school, and I got my first 110 camera with the flash bar.  My dad got a Minolta 35mm a few years later and I was fascinated with learning how to use it.  Most days I enjoy being behind the camera either taking pics of my kids, vacations, or just what ever is around me.  I have boxes of pictures in my basement and thousands of pics on my computer I have taken over the years.

If you go back and look at them all they chronicle people and places I have come in contact with or places I have gone. I would be fun to put them all together and see the timeline of mine and my family’s life.  I do have a stack of pictures that are stuck together when I house burned down.  I just couldn’t get rid of them. I love photos!

It sometimes drives my girls crazy when I bring out the big girl camera. I get the look, but I pray that one day they will be happy I took all of those pictures. My photo has gotten higher due to my camera phone.  I always have a camera with me and to have one in places I don’t have my big girl camera.

Another thing from my past that drives my photography is my years in architecture and art in college.  It taught me to look at objects and places differently, and that is why you may wonder at some of my photos.  I love details, small things, and out of the ordinary.  Because of this, my art in my home consists of my photography.  Why buy when I can make my own.

This summer I was able to take some really neat photos using God’s world around me.  We were out in a picnic area and I was fascinated by fungi on a log. I looked for beauty in the small things.  We would go on hikes, and I was wanting to take pics of all the little things I saw.  In nature, there are so many wondrous things God has created, if only we would take the time to stop and look.

I wonder how many people walked by this and noticed.

I wonder how many people walked by this and even noticed.

Mom Blogger

I have been writing in the blog world since April 2006. It was under a different name, but last year I decided to merge the family blog and our adoption blog into one site.  It was tough keeping both sites updated. My site has gone thru many different looks, with the main one purchasing my own domain name.  Some days my creative side comes out and I want to change the look, but some days I just need to settle on one and go with it.

I know readers have come and gone over the years. Thanks to the ones who have stuck with me and my crazy writing or lack there of.  I do enjoy writing (somedays) which is surprising since I didn’t enjoy too much in high school.  It allows me to get my thoughts out and to have an account of what out family has done.  Writing this blog and keeping it updated is one of the things I am hoping to be more faithful in doing.  It is something I am making time for.  I’m excited to see what it may turn into in the future.

I am trying to do some more interesting things with my site, of what I am not all sure.  Right now I am just trying to get my words and my thoughts out, and pick up some new readers.  One thing I am hoping to do is more product reviews and recommendations. I have a couple in the works with maybe a giveaway or two.  I hope to encourage families who are thinking of adopting or who have already adopted. I also want to encourage moms and especially homeschool moms.  Please stay with me, and share my website with your friends.  Leave me comments. I would love to hear from you.