What are you listening to?

Hubby and I are training to run this fall. I am run/walking in the Air Force 10K and hubby is doing the Air Force half-marathon in Dayton.  I have run this race before, and I am excited to do it again.  So with that said, while training I need something to listen to. I know I am weird, but I can’t listen to music while walking/running. I listen to podcasts.  I did that when I trained last time, and usually do when I walk.

I thought I would like to share what I am listening to –

  1. The BigBoo Cast – they have been broadcasting for many years and it’s just two women taking about life. So funny!
  2. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – yes, it’s NPR and liberal, but it is funny.
  3. Serial – This was what everyone was listening to last year, so I jumped on the bandwagon. The first season was very intriguing, but the second season not so much.
  4. Deep South Details – This is all southern – all the time.  Love listening to Dana and Kendell and learning about the current southern culture since I live in the north. Bonus they are also Auburn fans.
  5. Front Porch with the Fitzes – So much to say about this – I can’t wait every week for it to come out. So funny with a little bit of Jesus.
  6. Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey – Jamie is a minister’s wife from Texas. She has wonderful conversations with girlfriends. It is fun and encouraging.

Check these out if you are interested in finding new podcasts. What are you listening to?