Weekends – How I love you!

After my baking was over on Friday, it was time for the weekend to get going. Friday afternoon the Dear Sisters had a tennis match at home against Worthington Christian. Hubby and I decided that it would be fun to ride our bikes to the match. We have not been bike riding all summer, and we thought it would be a perfect day for it. After a little stop and start by the little one, we finally made it to the courts.  I was truly a beautiful afternoon for tennis and a bike ride. The little one was happy knowing there was going to be Whit’s in the end.

Hannah and Emily got their second chance at playing doubles since they were rained out earlier in the week.  It is funny to hear them announce them as the Dear Sisters. They played great together and won their match 6-1, 6-0.  They both had great shots, and Emily got an Ace. It was a great win for them.  It was great for the team as well since they won too.

"Venus and Serena"

“Venus and Serena”

After their match, the big girls went to teen night.  They were so happy to see their friends, since they had not seen many of them since the end of the school year.  I am so thankful we have a wonderful homeschool group with families who are investing in our children’s lives.

You would think, the weekend could not get any better, but wait – we cleaned the playroom and “tunnel” (what we call our storage area). The girls were not too excited, but it had to be done. I know it was not what everyone wanted to do, but we had clothes to be put away, things to be cleaned and organized, and another got step forward to be ready to start school.  I’m not sure we are ready for school, but the room is getting there.

My favorite part of the weekend is always Sunday. I get to come together with my family and my faith family to worship.  It was a wonderful day of worship and preaching. OK, I may be biased about the preacher, but he is my favorite.

This weekend has gotten me ready to face the week, but weekends I do love when you come around. What was your favorite part of your weekend?


Tennis Time Again

We came back from our family sabbatical and hit the ground running.  The day after returning was the first day of high school tennis practice. It was time to start getting all the tennis clothes together, snack schedules, preparing protein packed breakfasts, and making sure all the paperwork done.  Emily was going to be the only one playing this season due to Hannah’s chronic pain.  It was a tough decision for her, but she was going to be the team’s big cheerleader and supporter.

This past Saturday was the teams first match which was the Licking County Tournament with Granville and two other teams in the county.  Our girls dominated again this year.  Emily played 5th doubles and her court counted in the tourney toward the teams points.  I was unable to watch due to working the farmer’s market, so hubby would text me updates.  So proud of how she played, and I can’t wait to see more.


Licking County Tennis Tournament Champs!

2015-08-08 12.58.20

Emily’s medal

Hannah was there but was sad not to be playing. She started to rethink her decision about not playing.  She was going to the practices but only running and picking up the balls for the team.  She missed playing.  She talked with her dad and decided to go play some with him to see what she could do. After playing, she decided to give it a go.  We talked with the coach and he was good with her being back on the team.  The big hurdle was getting all of her paperwork and a physical done in less than 24 hours – WE DID IT!! Her team is so happy to have her back playing again. She will have to take it easier than most, but she is just happy to be playing.

Can’t wait to watch both of me girls playing this season and the rest of the team as well. Let’s go Lady Aces!!

Tennis Camp

photo 2The week the older girls have been at youth camp, and the little has been home again with out them.  Thankfully tennis camp was this week and her numbers are good enough so we signed her up.  She usually just does tennis several times a month, but this week it has been 3 hours a day everyday.  It was a little hard for her to understand what tennis camp was, but now she loves going every morning, and misses it when it is over.

Her tennis game has improved in just a few days. It is just amazing to see this little girl out there playing and having wonderful time.

photo 1