Our Family Pictures

This weekend I asked for the thing my family most fears and dreads – family pictures (insert eye rolls).  I only gave them a 2 hour heads up to get ready to head off any push back.  Most of the our family pictures we have taken over the years have been me setting up the tripod and one of us setting the timer and then running into the picture.  It often takes too long and the girls complain for too long.  We have only had a professional take family pictures a couple of times over the years.  So, I don’t have many family pics with all of in the same picture or ones I had to set up.  I have been begging for professional pictures for years.

We needed to have a new pictures taken for our church, and so I asked a friend who takes pictures on the side and I have worked with do them for us.  She was great and worked with our crazy schedule.  I couldn’t wait to see what she shot, and thankfully for our family didn’t take too long.  Looking thru them, it does make me a little sad to see how grown my girls look. We finally have good pictures for our Christmas cards(if i can get them done!).


I think we look pretty good.